The HDWG is tasked with reviewing and updating the content of the reference version of the IHO Hydrographic Dictionary, currently available in Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, and Spanish, whilst maintaining close liaison with the IHO GI Registry and nationally developed language versions of the Hydrographic Dictionary maintained by individual or groups of Member States.


Mr Jean Laporte (France)


Ms Yuxiao LYU (China)


Assistant Director Sam HARPER (IHO)


  • Review and update the different volumes (English, French, and Spanish) of the Hydrographic Dictionary on a continuous basis.
  • Liaise with other IHO bodies developing publications containing glossaries to ensure consistency.
  • Liaise with bodies of other organizations developing dictionaries and/or glossaries

HDWG Documents

Meeting documents for the current and previous year are maintained on this site. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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