IRCC 2021 Workshop-Strategic Plan

VTC (7 October 2021)

Last Update on the List of Documents: 8 October 2021

[Group Photo]

IRCC_WSP-01A  Agenda and Timetable (Sec.)
IRCC_WSP-01B List of Participants
IRCC_WSP-02A  IHO Secretariat - High Level Introduction of the Strategic Plan and its successes to date
IRCC_WSP-02B  SWPHC – Regional approach to addressing the Strategic Plan
IRCC_WSP-02C  Maritime Authority Suriname – National approach to addressing the Strategic Plan
IRCC_WSP-02D  SHOM (France)– National approach to Goal 1
IRCC_WSP-02E  MPA Singapore – National approach to Goal 2


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