IRCC12 (2020)

12th Inter-Regional Coordination Committee (IRCC12)

VTC (6-7 October 2020)

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes] - [Actions] - [Photo]

IRCC12-01A List of Documents (Sec.) - this document
IRCC12-01B List of Participants (Sec.)
IRCC12-01C List of IRCC Members (Sec.)
IRCC12-02 v3 Agenda and Timetable (Sec.) Word
IRCC12-03A MInutes of IRCC11 (Sec)
IRCC12-03B  Status of Action List from IRCC11 (Sec.) Word
IRCC12-03C  HSSC Report  (HSSC Chair)
  Regional Hydrographic Commission Reports
IRCC12-04.1A IHO RHC Reports Secretariat Summary (Sec.)
IRCC12-04.1B Nordic HC (NHC Chair) 
IRCC12-04.1C North Sea HC (NSHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1D East Asia HC (EAHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1E US/Canada HC (USCHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1F Mediterranean and Black Seas HC (MBSHC Chair) 
IRCC12-04.1G Baltic Sea HC (BSHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1H Eastern Atlantic HC (EAtHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1I South-East Pacific Regional HC (SEPRHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1J South-West Pacific HC (SWPHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1K Meso-American - Caribbean Sea HC (MACHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1L Southern Africa and Islands HC (SAIHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1M North Indian Ocean HC (NIOHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1N ROPME Sea Area HC (RSAHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1O South West Atlantic HC (SWAtHC Chair)
IRCC12-04.1P Arctic Regional HC (ARHC Chair) 
  Reports from IRCC Body
IRCC12-06A Capacity Building Sub-Committee (CBSC Chair) Presentation
IRCC12-06B Education Requirements and Dificulties
IRCC12-06C E-Learning Activities Presentation
IRCC12-06D Empowering Woman in Hydrography Project Presentation
IRCC12-07A MSDI Activities (MSDIWG Chair) Presentation
IRCC12-07B UN-GGIM Activities
IRCC12-08A Crowdsourced Bathymetry (CSBWG Chair) Presentation
IRCC12-08B Update on Seabed 2030 Project (SB2030 Director) Presentation
IRCC12-08C Update on the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable development 2021-2030 
IRCC12-09A WEND-100 Principles Presentation
IRCC12-12A Draft List of Actions from IRCC12 (during the meeting) Word
IRCC12-12B Draft List of Decisions from IRCC12 (during the meeting) Word
IRCC12-12C Draft List of Recommendations to RHCs (during the meeting) Word
IRCC12-13A IHO Work Programme for 2021-2023
IRCC12-13B Draft IRCC Work Programme Word
IRCC12-14A Election of Chair and Vice-Chair


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