IRCC 2022 Workshop-Strategic Plan

VTC (28 April 2022)

Last Update on the List of Documents: 27 April 2022

[Group Photo]

IRCC_WSP2-01A  Agenda and Timetable (Sec.)
IRCC_WSP2-01B List of Participants
IRCC_WSP2-02A  IHO Secretariat - Proposals for measuring SPI assigned to IRCC
IRCC_WSP2-02B  SAIHC – Regional experiences of measuring SPI
IRCC_WSP2-02C  SWAtHC – Regional experiences of measuring SPI
IRCC_WSP2-02D  Special demands of the CBSC as an  IRCC Subordinate body
IRCC_WSP2-02E  How MSDI can support measuring SPI


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