IRCC15 (2023)

15th Inter-Regional Coordination Committee (IRCC15)

Tokyo, Japan

12-14 June 2023

Last Update on the List of Documents: 5 February 2023

Post Meeting Documents: [ IRCC15 Report = IRCC Report to C-7 ] 
[Bulletin Report]
[Draft List of Actions, Decisions and Recommendations to RHCs] [IRCC WP 2023-2024] - [Photo 1] - [Photo 2]
Template for reports from: RHCs reports, IRCC bodies / Proposals and information papers / RHCs presentations / Other presentations
IRCC15-01A List of Documents (Sec.) - this document
IRCC15-01B List of Participants (Sec.)
IRCC15-01C List of IRCC Members (Sec.)
IRCC15-02_V3 Agenda and Timetable (Sec.) Word
IRCC Highlights since IRCC14
IRCC15-03A IRCC Chair Report (Chair)
IRCC15-03B Minutes of IRCC14 (Sec)
IRCC15-03C  Status of Action List from IRCC14 (Sec.) Word
IRCC15-03D  IRCC WP 2022-2023
IRCC15-03E List of Decisions and Actions of C-6 (Secretariat)
IRCC15-03F List of Decisions of the A-3 (Secretariat)
HSSC Report
IRCC15-04  HSSC Report  (HSSC Chair) Presentation
Report by the Secretariat
IRCC15-05 IHO Secretariat Report (Secretariat) (Presentation)
Regional Hydrographic Commission Reports
IRCC15-06.1A Nordic HC (NHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1B North Sea HC (NSHC Chair) (Presentation)

East Asia HC (EAHC Chair) (Presentation) (IHO SP Gap Analysis)

IRCC15-06.1D US/Canada HC (USCHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1E Mediterranean and Black Seas HC (MBSHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1F Baltic Sea HC (BSHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1G Eastern Atlantic HC (EAtHC Chair) (Presentation) 
IRCC15-06.1H South-East Pacific Regional HC (SEPRHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1I South-West Pacific HC (SWPHC Chair) (Annex A - Worplan 23-2024) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1J Meso American & Caribbean Sea HC (MACHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1K Southern Africa and Islands HC (SAIHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1L North Indian Ocean HC (NIOHC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-06.1M ROPME Sea Area HC (RSAHC Chair) Presentation
IRCC15-06.1N South West Atlantic HC (SWAtHC Chair) Presentation
IRCC15-06.1O Arctic Regional HC (ARHC Chair) (Presentation)
Reports from IRCC Bodies
IRCC15-07A Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07B World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS-SC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07C Capacity Building Sub-Committee (CBSC Chair) (Presentation) (Annex A - Revised CB Strategy)
WEND Working Group Report (WENDWG Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07D2 WEND report on the S-1XX Implementation Guidelines (WENDWG Chair) (Presentation)
MSDI Working Group (Annex B - Seminar Agenda) (Presentation) (Annex H IGIF-MSDI update)(MSDIWG Chair)
IRCC15-07F IHO-EU Network Working Group (IENWG Chair) ( Presentation)
IRCC15-07G CSB Working Group (CSBWG Chair) - (Annex - Publication B-12 Edition 3.0.0.) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07H FIG-IHO-ICA IBSC (IBSC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07I IHO-IOC GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC Chair) (Presentation)
IRCC15-07J IHO DCDB Report (IHO DCDB Director)  (Presentation)
Strategic Issues of the IRCC
IRCC15-08A Outcome of the IRCC Seminars
IRCC15-08B US Paper Proposal - IHO SP and SPI reporting by Member States (Presentation)
IRCC15-08C Proposal for measuring SPI assigned to IRCC (Presentation)
Substantive Papers 
IRCC15-09A MACHC Paper on establishing a Seabed 2030/CSB Coordinator Collaboration Team (Presentation)
IRCC15-09B SWPHC - Paper on raising awareness of hydrography and open data (Presentation)
Actions and Decisions
IRCC15-12 List of Actions, Decisions and Recommendations from IRCC14 (Secretariat)
IRCC Work Programme
IRCC15-13A IHO Work Programme for 2024-2026 (Secretariat)
IRCC15-13B Draft IRCC Work Programme 2023-2024 (Secretariat)


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