SAIHC17 (2020)

17th SAIHC Conference
Video Tele Conference (VTC) and 9th SAIHC INT Chart Coordination Working Group (ICCWG) 

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes] - [Actions] - [Meeting Photo]

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Please note: The SAIHC17 conference has been postponed to 2021.
The following program is proposed:
 - A Video Tele Conference (VTC) and 9th SAIHC ICCWG (VTC) on 7th September 2020 (please see below)
For further information, please see SAIHC Letter 5/2020

SAIHC Letter 8/2020 02 Dec SAIHC17 Plenary Virtual Meeting Dates
SAIHC Letter 7/2020   SAIHC17 Working Groups Video Tele Conference (VTC)
SAIHC Letter 5/2020   SAIHC17 Postponement Update & Meeting Dates
SAIHC Letter 3/2020 20 Apr SAIHC17 Update & Meeting Dates, Agenda Input, and National Report

VTC Meeting
7th September 2020
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ICCWG-9-1 7Sept Draft Agenda_V2
ICCWG-9-6.1 17Aug Gridded ENC Scheme Options for SAIHC Region
ICCWG-9 7Sept ICCWG Presentation
SAIHC Video Tele Conference (VTC)

Date: 7th September 2020 (Ref SAIHC Letter 5/2020)
Meeting Type: VTC - Microsoft Teams
Organizer: UKHO
Note: The draft Agenda is on the SAIHC page and a Microsoft Teams invite will be sent out to all participants registered with specific timings.

Doc Number Date Title    
SAIHC Letter 7/2020   SAIHC17 Working Groups Video Tele Conference (VTC)
    SAIHC-VTC1 - Registration (please register before 14 August 2020)
SAIHC-VTC-01A   List of Documents
SAIHC-VTC-01B 7Sept List of Registered Participants
SAIHC-VTC-02   Draft Agenda
SAIHC-VTC-01   SAIHC16 - MSDI Annual Report
SAIHC-VTC-01   MSDI - Draft Agenda
SAIHC-VTC-01 7Sept MSDIWG Presentation
SAIHC-VTC-01 7Sept IHO MSDIWG report


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