SAIHC17 (2021)

SAIHC17 Plenary

VTC Meeting
3rd ~4th February 2021 

Post Meeting Documents: [Final Minutes] - [Draft Actions] - [Meeting Photo]

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    List of Participants
Opening Session
    Opening Remarks and Welcome
    Participant Introduction and Group Photo
1. SAIHC Administration / Organisational Issues
SAIHC17-1.1 3Feb21 Approval of Agenda
SAIHC17-1.2 3Feb21 Matters Arising from Minutes of SAIHC16
SAIHC17-1.3 3Feb21 Review of 16th SAIHC Actions List / Presentation
2. SAIHC Developments, IHO bodies, Policy aspects
SAIHC17-2.1 3Dec20 IHO Secretariat Report / Presentation
SAIHC17-2.2 8Feb21 Assembly 2 Report
SAIHC17-2.3 28Jan21 Council 4 Report / Presentation
SAIHC17-2.4 3Feb21 IRCC12 Report
SAIHC17-2.5 8Feb21 HSSC12 Report
SAIHC17-2.6 8Feb21 WENDWG Report
SAIHC17-2.7 3Feb21 MSDI Report
3. SAIHC Committees and Working Groups
SAIHC17-3.1 8Feb21 MSDIWG
SAIHC17-3.2 8Feb21 ICCWG
SAIHC17-3.3 8Feb21 Capacity Building
SAIHC17-3.4 8Feb21 Lakes proposal
4. Industry Presentations
SAIHC17-4.1 8Feb21 Fugro’s presence in the Region and Approach in Supporting Seabed 2030
SAIHC17-4.2 8Feb21 Chartwise Training SAIHC HO Self Sufficiency – a new Approach
SAIHC17-4.3 8Feb21 AML take a Simple Step Forward
5. Relevant International Organizations' Report
SAIHC17-5.1 3Feb21 GEBCO Seabed 2030
SAIHC17-5.2 3Feb21 Crowd Sourced Bathymetry (CSB)
SAIHC17-5.3 1Feb21 Building ATON Capacity in SAI for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development (IALA)
SAIHC17-5.4 25Jan21 SEAIGNEP Presentation
SAIHC17-5.5 8Feb21 PMAESA Presentation
SAIHC17-5.6 8Feb21 IMO Presentation
6. National Reports
SAIHC17-6.1 14Jan21 National Report (France) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.2 15Jan21 National Report (Mauritius) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.3 2Feb21 National Report (Mozambique) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.4 26Jan21 National Report (Norway) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.5 25Jan21 National Report (South Africa) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.7 15Jan21 National Report (UK) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.9 6Apr21 National Report (Comoros)
SAIHC17-6.10 1Feb21 National Report (India) / Presentation
SAIHC17-6.11 4Feb21 National Report (Kenya)
SAIHC17-6.12 1Feb21 National Report (Madagascar)
SAIHC17-6.13 8Feb21 National Report (Malawi)
SAIHC17-6.14 19Apr21 National Report (Namibia)
SAIHC17-6.15 13Jan21 National Report (Portugal) / Presentation
7. MSDI and S-100
SAIHC17-7.1 8Feb21 Mauritius MSDI
SAIHC17-7.2 8Feb21 IC-ENC S-100   /   UK S-100 Presentation (Video link)
8. Disaster Response
SAIHC17-8.1 25Jan21 Draft Disaster Response Framework Report / Presentation
SAIHC17-8.2 25Jan21 NAVAREA VII Self-Assessment Report / Presentation
SAIHC17-8.3 8Feb21 Map Action presentation


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