SAIHC19 (2023)

SAIHC19 Plenary

28th -  31 st August 2023/ Mauritius


Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes and Actions] - [Photos : Group1, Group2 ]

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    Online Registration / Instruction for joining
  01June2023 Logistics Information
    List of Documents (this page)
    List of Participants
08June2023 National Report Structure and Presentation template (.ppt)
Opening Session
1. SAIHC Administration / Organisational Issues
SAIHC19-1.1 28Aug2023 Draft Agenda (Rev.1)
SAIHC19-1.2   Matters Arising from Minutes of SAIHC18
SAIHC19-1.3   Review of SAIHC18 Actions List
SAIHC19-1.4   SAIHC Statutes review 
2. SAIHC Developments, IHO bodies, Policy aspects
SAIHC19-2.1 23Aug2023 IHO Secretariat Report (rev1)  incl.  Assembly3
SAIHC19-2.2 08Aug2023 IHO Council6 Report
SAIHC19-2.3 29Aug2023 IRCC15 Report to include actions and recommendations / presentation
SAIHC19-2.4 23Aug2023 HSSC15 Report / presentation
3. IHO Revised Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026
SAIHC19-3.1 23Aug2023 Summary of IHO Strategic Plan / RHC-owned SPIs  / SPI 1.2.2 Region H
4. International Chart Co-ordination Working Group (ICCWG)
SAIHC ICCWG11-1 10July2023 Draft Agenda (rev)
SAIHC ICCWG11-2 25Aug2023 ICCWG report (rev)
5. Industry Presentations
SAIHC19-5.1 18Sep2023 AML Oceanographic
SAIHC19-5.2 18Sep2023 Exail
SAIHC19-5.3 18Sep2023 Kongsberg Discovery
6. SAIHC Committees and Working Groups
SAIHC19-6.1 28Aug2023 MSDIWG Report
SAIHC19-6.2 27Aug2023 Capacity Building  /  CB plan 2023-2025
SAIHC19-6.3 18Sep2023 AGL & RSWG
SAIHC19-6.4 08Aug2023 IENWG 
7. National Reports
SAIHC19-7.1   Angola
SAIHC19-7.2 08Aug2023 France / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.3 22Aug2023 Kenya / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.4 23Aug2023 Mauritius / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.5   Mozambique
SAIHC19-7.6 22Aug2023 Norway / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.7 08Aug2023 Republic of South Africa / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.8   Seychelles
SAIHC19-7.9 20Sep2023 United Kingdom (rev) / Presentation 
SAIHC19-7.10 16Aug2023 (Associate Member) Comoros / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.11   (Associate Member) India 
SAIHC19-7.12 08Aug2023 (Associate Member) Madagascar / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.13 08Aug2023 (Associate Member) Malawi / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.14 31Aug2023 (Associate Member) Namibia / Presentation (rev)
SAIHC19-7.15 08Aug2023 (Associate Member) Portugal / Presentation
SAIHC19-7.16   (Associate Member) Tanzania
SAIHC19-7.17 08Aug2023 (Observer Member) Uganda (rev) 
SAIHC19-7.18 05Aug2023 (Observer Member) Zambia
8. Disaster Response
SAIHC19-8.1 08Aug2023 SAIHC Disaster Response Plan
SAIHC19-8.2 08Aug2023 Maritime Safety, World-Wide Navigational Warnings Service and NAVAREA Coordination  / Presentation
9. Relevant International Organizations' Report
SAIHC19-9.1 08Aug2023 Crowd Sourced Bathymetry (CSB) / Seabed 2030 / Presentation
SAIHC19-9.2 18Sep2023 Internal Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)
SAIHC19-9.4 22Aug2023 GEBCO and Seabed 2030
10. Industry Presentations
SAIHC19-10.1 18Sep2023 TCarta
SAIHC19-10.2 18Sep2023 Teledyne Geospatial
SAIHC19-10.3 18Sep2023 Oshen
SAIHC19-10.4 18Sep2023 Intergovernmental Standing Committee on Shipping (ISCOS)
11. SAIHC Input to IHO Meetings
SAIHC19-11.1   Report to IRCC17 and 7th IHO Council considerations
12.  S-100 Discussions
SAIHC19-12.1   IC-ENC RENC Update
SAIHC19-12.2   S-100
SAIHC19-12.3 22Aug2023 Primar RENC Update
13.  Closing Activites
SAIHC19-13.1   Any Other Business
SAIHC19-13.2   Election of Chair and Vice Chair
SAIHC19-13.3   Review of Actions and Decisions
SAIHC19-13.4   Details of next meeting


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