Southern African and Islands HC

Chair: Rear Admiral Angus Essenhigh OBE (UK)
Vice-Chair: Mr. Mohummad Shamad Ayoob Saab (Mauritius)
Members: Angola, France, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Norway, Republic of South Africa, Seychelles, United Kingdom.
Associate Members: Comoros, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Portugal, Tanzania.
IHO Secretary Representatives: Director John NYBERG
Assistant Director Yong BAEK


Brief History 
The Southern African and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC) was established in Cape Town, South Africa on 29 August 1996, on the occasion of the inaugural meeting of SAIHC as part of a regional initiative. Its first Chairman was Captain (SAN) B.D. Law, Hydrographer of the SA Navy. The main objective of the meeting was to improve hydrography in the region. South Africa was appointed Coordinator of the INT Chart Scheme Region H. The main achievements have been the agreements reached to improve surveying and charting in the region, with focus on capacity building.

Original: Cape Town, South Africa, 29 August 1996.
Amendments: (1) Cape Town, South Africa, 27 September 2005 and (2) Mangochi, Malawi, 28 August 2007.

Meeting Documents

Only documents for upcoming, current and previous years meetings are listed left. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

Member States map

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