5th HSPT Meeting
2-6 March 2020, Stockholm, Sweden
Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo
Last updated:   3 March 2020

Document No

Document Title

HSPT5-Invitation Invitation letter
HSPT5-Annex B Registration Form (pdf version)
HSPT5-Annex B Registration Form (Word version)
HSPT5-Annex C Logistic Information
HSPT5 Provisional List of Participants-v3.0
HSPT5-3.1 HSPT5 Draft Agenda-v1.1
HSPT5-3.2 HSPT5 Draft Programme-v1.5
HSPT5-4.1 List of Actions HSPT4 - updated 27 February 2020
HSPT5-4.2 List of Actions from HSSC11
HSPT5-5 Consolidated feedback on draft S-44 revision
HSPT5-7 Draft HSWG Tors and RoPs
HSPT5-9 Work Plan 2020-2021
HSPT5-11 Draft list of Actions - updated 6 March 2020
HSPT5 Presentations.zip


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