The Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures in the South West Pacific Region was created with the propose to promote the sustainable development and use of the oceans, seas and inland waters in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The SWPHC MSDIWG is a subsidiary body of IHO’s regional South West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC).  Its work is subject to SWPHC approval.
SWPHC MSDIWG effort is focused on the SWPHC Workplan 2022-2023 and the nine Strategic Pathways from the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management, Integrated Geospatial Information Framework. (UN-GGIM IGIF) -
Chair: Helen Phillips, UK Hydrographic Office
Vice Chair:  Pip Bricher, Australian Hydrographic Office
Secretary: Daniel Miners, UK Hydrographic Office 
Doug White – Australian Hydrographic Office
Pip Bricher – Australian Hydrographic Office
Mark Alcock - Geoscience Australia
Jonah Sullivan - Geoscience Australia
David Arnold - Geoscience Australia
Amy Nau - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Salesh Kumar – South Pacific Community
Palu Soqoiwasa – Fiji Hydrographic Office
New Zealand
Rachel Gabara – Land Information New Zealand
Stuart Caie – Land Information New Zealand
David Crossman – IIC Technologies
Belen Jimenez – Seabed2030, South and West Pacific Regional Center
Papua New Guinea
Nicholas Pion – National Maritime Safety Authority
Mafoa Penisoni - Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
Tion Uriam – Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications 
New Caledonia (France) 
Julien Simon – SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine) 
United Kingdom
Daniel Miners - UK Hydrographic Office
Helen Phillips – UK Hydrographic Office
United States of America
Jace H Ebben – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Terms of References and Rules of Procedure
Why should we share data? – Data Value Proposition 
15th Meeting – 24 January 2024 Agenda   Recording meeting
14th Meeting – 13 December 2023 Agenda Minutes Recording meeting
13th Meeting – 1 November 2023
Agenda Minutes Recording meeting
12th Meeting - 23-24 August 2023 Agenda Minutes
11th Meeting - 28 June 2023 Agenda Minutes
10th Meeting - 27 April 2023 Agenda Minutes Recording
9th Meeting - 21 February 2023 Agenda Minutes  
8th Meeting - 15 December 2022 Agenda Minutes  
7th Meeting - 16 October 2022 Agenda Minutes  
6th Meeting - 10 August 2022 Agenda Minutes  
5th Meeting - 25 May 2022 Agenda Minutes  
4th Meeting - 2 February 2022 Agenda Minutes  
3rd Meeting - 17 November 2021 Agenda Minutes  
2nd Meeting - 18 August 2021 Agenda Minutes  
1st Meeting - 3 February 2021 Agenda Minutes  
SWPHC MSDI WG - IGIF Strategic Pathway 1 Overview - Governance and Institutions Recording
SWPHC MSDI WG - IGIF Strategic Pathway 2 Overview - Policy and Legal Recording
SWPHC MSDI WG - IGIF Strategic Pathway 3 Overview - Finance Recording
SWPHC MSDI WG - IGIF Strategic Pathway 4 Overview - Data Recording

SWPHC MSDI WG – IGIF Strategic Pathway 5 Overview - Innovation

SWPHC MSDI WG – IGIF Strategic Pathway 6 Overview – Standards Recording
SWPHC MSDI WG – IGIF Strategic Pathway 7 Overview – Partnerships Recording
Link to “SWPHC MSDI WG – IGIF Strategic Pathway 8 Overview – Capacity and Education” Recording
Link to “SWPHC MSDI WG – IGIF Strategic Pathway 9 Overview – Communication and Engagement” Recording



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