SWPHC18 (2021)

18th Meeting
17-19 February 2021, VTC

Post meeting documents:  [Draft Minutes (Word)]  [Draft List of Actions & Decisions (Word)]  

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References SWPHC Circular Letters: (including logistics and other information)
Templates for National Reports and for Presentations
SWPHC18-01A List of Documents (this document)
SWPHC18-01B List of Participants (18 Feb 2021)
SWPHC18-02 V3 Agenda and Timetable (V3.0 updated in 16 Feb 2021)
SWPHC18-03 Draft Minutes of the SWPHC17 Meeting Word
SWPHC18-04 Status of Actions from SWPHC17 Word
SWPHC18-05 SWPHC Statutes
SWPHC18-05A SWPHC Statutes - Comments from France
SWPHC18-05B SWPHC Statutes - Comments from US
SWPHC18-06.1 IHO Secretariat Report Presentation
SWPHC18-06.2 Highlights of IRCC12 Presentation
SWPHC18-06.2A SWPHC Report to IRCC12
                    C - Recommendations to RHCs; D -  WP2020-2021)
SWPHC18-06.3 Highlights of HSSC12 Presentation
HSSC12 Report to the 2nd Session of the Assembly
SWPHC18-06.4A WENDWG Report to IRCC12 Presentation
SWPHC18-06.4B MSDIWG Report to IRCC12 - Presentation to SWPHC18
National Reports
SWPHC18-07A Summary of National Reports Presentation
SWPHC18-07B Australia 
SWPHC18-07C Fiji Presentation
SWPHC18-07D France Presentation
New Zealand Presentation ( Document "Preparing New Zealand
SWPHC18-07F Papua New Guinea Presentation
SWPHC18-07G Samoa
SWPHC18-07H Solomon Islands Presentation
SWPHC18-07I Tonga Presentation
SWPHC18-07J United Kingdom Presentation
SWPHC18-07K United States of America Presentation
SWPHC18-07L Vanuatu Presentation Presentation
National Reports - Associate Members
SWPHC18-07M Cook Islands Presentation
SWPHC18-07N Indonesia Presentation
SWPHC18-070 Kiribati Presentation
SWPHC18-07P Nauru Presentation
SWPHC18-07Q Niue Presentation
SWPHC18-07R Palau Presentation
National Reports - Observer States
SWPHC18-07S Marshall Islands Presentation
SWPHC18-07T Tokelau Presentation
SWPHC18-07U Tuvalu Presentation
Other Reports
International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse
Authorities (IALA) Presentation
SWPHC18-08B International Maritime Organization (IMO)
SWPHC18-08C Pacific Community (SPC) Presentation
SWPHC18-09.1A Update from International Charting Coordination Working Group (ICCWG) 
LINZ S-100 implementation – Project Janus (TBC) 
SHOM S-100 status update 
SWPHC18-09.2A Update from Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (MSDIWG)
SWPHC18-09.2B NZ MGIWG activities (TBC)
GDMSS, MSI and NAVAREA Coordination
SWPHC18-10A Highlights from NAVAREA Coordinators and MSI Coordinators reports 
SWPHC18-10B NAVAREA X Coordinator report 
SWPHC18-10C  NAVAREA XI Coordinator report
SWPHC18-10D NAVAREA XIV Coordinator report
 IHO Revised Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (Video records of Agenda items 12 & 12.1)
SWPHC18-11  Chair briefing on IHO Revised Strategic Plan 2021-2026 
SWPHC18-12A Goal 1 gap analysis summary (FR lead) Presentation
SWPHC18-12B Goal 2 gap analysis summary (US lead)
SWPHC18-12C Goal 3 gap analysis summary (UK lead) Presentation
SWPHC18-12D Gap analysis (AU)
SWPHC18-12E Gap analysis (FJ)
SWPHC18-12F Gap analysis (FR)
SWPHC18-12G Gap analysis (NZ)
SWPHC18-12H Gap analysis (PG)
SWPHC18-12I Gap analysis (WS)
SWPHC18-12J Gap analysis (SB)
SWPHC18-12K Gap analysis (TO)
SWPHC18-12L Gap analysis (UK)
SWPHC18-12M Gap analysis (US)
SWPHC18-12N Gap analysis (VU)
SWPHC18-12O Gap analysis (CK)
SWPHC18-12P Gap analysis (ID)
SWPHC18-12Q Gap analysis (KI)
SWPHC18-12R Gap analysis (NR)
SWPHC18-12S Gap analysis (NU)
SWPHC18-12T Gap analysis (PW)
SWPHC18-12U Gap analysis (MH)
SWPHC18-12V Gap analysis (NC)
SWPHC18-12W Gap analysis (TV)
SWPHC18-12.1 Actions Identified to Develop SWPHC Workplan
Capacity Building 
SWPHC18-13A  Highlights of report of CBSC18  Presentation
SWPHC18-13B PICTs CB Matrix review 
SWPHC18-13C Update on 3-year Capacity Building Plan 
Identify future Capacity Building Initiatives for CBSC19,
to be delivered in 2022 
SWPHC18-13.2A  Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) 
SWPHC18-13.2B Pacific Regional Navigation Initiative (PRNI) Presentation
SWPHC18-13.2C  Safety of Navigation Project (SoN) Presentation
GEBCO and Seabed 2030 
SWPHC18-14.1 GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Presentation
SWPHC18-14.2  Update on SaWPaC activities Presentation
SWPHC18-14.3  update on CSB and IHO DCDB activities
SWPHC Disaster Response Framework 
SWPHC18-16  Update and next steps  Presentation
Other business 
SWPHC18-18  AIS WMS open data to the public (TBC) 
Extratropical Storm Surge & Tide Operational Forecast System
(ESTOFS) (Presentation)
Industry/Expert Contributors
SWPHC18-20A Recent projects and upcoming developments in SDB - EOMAP
SWPHC18-20B IIC Technologies: Regional Capacity Building Activities
IHO recommended scale ENC coverage in SW Pacific Ports
and other confined coastal areas - P&O Cruises Australia
SWPHC18-20D Evolving to S-100? - Teledyne CARIS
SWPHC18-20E Project updates: Tuvalu and Palau - Fugro
SWPHC18-20F Next Generation products to support S-100 - SevenCs
SWPHC18-20G MFAT Maritime Programmes Review

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