SWPHC20 (2023)

20th Meeting
22-24 February 2023, Wellington, New Zealand


2-Day Technical Workshop on Hydrographic Governance, 20-21 February 2023
(Workshop provisional Agenda - Photo - Presentations in end of this page)
Revised SWPHC Statutes
Photos: [Photo1

Document No

Document Title

SWPHC Circular Letters: (including logistics and other information)
SWPHC20-01A List of Documents (this document)
SWPHC20-01B List of Participants
SWPHC20-03_V3 Provisional Agenda and Timetable (1-Day SWPHC20 VTC Pre-Meeting Provisional Agenda V3)
SWPHC20-04 Draft Minutes of the SWPHC19 Meeting Word
SWPHC20-05 Status of Actions from SWPHC19 Word
SWPHC20-06 SWPHC Statutes 
SWPHC20-07V2 IHO Secretariat Report (Presentation)
National Reports
SWPHC20-08A Summary of National Reports and Presentations
SWPHC20-08B Australia Presentation
SWPHC20-08C Fiji (Presentation) (input to P-5 and C-55)
SWPHC20-08D France (Presentation)
New Zealand (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08F Papua New Guinea (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08G Samoa (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08H Solomon Islands (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08I Tonga (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08J United Kingdom (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08K United States of America (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08L Vanuatu Presentation Presentation
National Reports - Associate Members
SWPHC20-08M Cook Islands (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08N Indonesia Presentation
SWPHC20-080 Kiribati (Presentation)
SWPHC20-08P Nauru Presentation
SWPHC20-08Q Niue Presentation
SWPHC20-08R Palau (Presentation)
National Reports - Observer States
SWPHC20-08S Marshall Islands Presentation
SWPHC20-08T Tokelau Presentation
SWPHC20-08U Tuvalu Presentation
Relevant International / Regional organisations reports and activities 
International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) (Presentation)
SWPHC20-10B International Maritime Organization (IMO)
SWPHC20-10C Pacific Community (SPC) (Presentation)
SWPHC Draft Work Plan 2021-2026 
SWPHC20-11.1 Review of SWPHC Work Plan activities to deliver the Goals & Targets of the IHO Strategic Plan 
SWPHC20-11.2 Update from Work Plan & Priorities Working Group (WP&PWG) 2021-2023  
SWPHC20-12 Hydrography Leadership Programme 
SWPHC20-14A EWH sessions
SWPHC20-14B Jan P-Diversity of thought will strengthen hydrography
SWPHC20-15 Safety of Navigation: Delivering as one 
SWPHC20-16 Implementation of IGIF case studies
SWPHC20-16A IGIF Kiribati
SWPHC20-17 Working Week 2024 
SWPHC20-17.1 Seabed 2030 Project 
SWPHC20-17.2_v2 Seabed 2030, South and West Pacific Ocean Regional Centre (SaWPaC) 
SWPHC20-18.1  IHO Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry (DCDB) 
Industry/Expert Contributors 
SWPHC20-19.2 Woolpert/AAM 
SWPHC20-19.3 Fugro
SWPHC20-19.4 IIC Technologies 
SWPHC20-19.5 Ocean Infinity 
SWPHC20-19.6 JICA 
SWPHC20-19.7 P&O 
SWPHC20-21.1 Update from International Charting Coordination Working Group (Presentation) (ICCWG) 
SWPHC20-21.2 Update from Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (MSDIWG) (Data Value Proposition)
SWPHC20-21.3 National Impacts of S-100 
Capacity Building 
SWPHC20-22.1 Report back from 2-Day Capacity Building workshop on Hydrographic Governance 
SWPHC20-22.2 Highlights of report of CBSC20  
SWPHC20-22.3 Identify future Capacity Building Initiatives for CBSC21, to be delivered in 2024 
SWPHC Draft Work Plan 2021-2026 
SWPHC20-23.1 Work Plan & Priorities for 2023-2026 
SWPHC20-24 SWP Disaster Response Framework 
SWPHC20-25 3 rd  Session of the IHO Assembly, 2-5 May 2023 
SWPHC20-31 Review of Actions and Decisions 
1-Day SWPHC20 VTC Pre-Meeting - 14 February 2023 
Highlights of report on GDMSS, MSI and NAVAREA Coordination (X, XI and XIV) 
SWPHC20-10B NAVAREA X Coordinator report 
SWPHC20-10C  NAVAREA XI Coordinator report 
SWPHC20-10D NAVAREA XIV Coordinator report
WORKSHOP Presentations
Importance of Hydrography - IHO ADCC

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