Empowering Women in Hydrography

While the number of women in the workforce has risen in recent decades, there remains an imbalance between men and women in leadership positions, and women  are still underrepresented in many STEM subjects. Currently women qualified in hydrography represent 25% of the demographics, yet less than 10% of national hydrographers are women. As for IHO bodies, only 13% are chaired by women.

To try and change this, the IHO has launched a new project to “Empower Women in Hydrography” with the goal of raising awareness about career opportunities in hydrography, and to increase the number of women in leadership positions.

In 2022 the project was officially endorsed as a UN Ocean Decade Action.




How can my Institution participate in the Empowering Women in Hydrography (EWH) project?

Download the form and submit your initiative to take part in the EWH project, or contact us at info@iho.int .





Take a look at portraits of various women in hydrography or read the blog.







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Last modified: 09/02/2024 - 20:54