CBSC21 (2023)

21st Capacity Building Sub-Committee Meeting (CBSC21)
Tokyo, Japan
7-9 June 2023

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List of Documents

CBSC21 Report (Word)  - Annex A: 2024 CBMP - Annex B: Adopted 2024 CBWP - Annex C: List of Actions and Decisions Photo1,  Photo2 
Meeting documents (Template for RHC CB Coordinators / Template for other documents/Template for presentations)
Document N. Document Title
CBSC21-01A List of Documents (Secretary) - this document
CBSC21-01B List of Participants (Chair)
CBSC21-01C CBSC Membership (Chair)
CBSC21-01D ToR and RoP (Chair)
CBSC21-01E ToR for the CB Coordinators (Chair)
CBSC21-02_V3  Agenda and Timetable (Chair)
Matters arising from CBSC20 and CBSC21 Int
CBSC21-03A Minutes of CBSC20 (Chair)
CBSC21-03B Minutes of CBSC21 Int (Chair)
CBSC21-03C Status of Action List from CBSC20 (Secretary)
CBSC21-03D Status of Action List from CBSC21 Int (Secretary)
Reports by the Chair and the IHO Secretariat
CBSC21-04A Report by the Chair (Chair)
CBSC21-04B Report by the IHO Secretariat (IHO Secretariat) (Presentation)
Reports of the RHCs
CBSC21-05.1A NSHC Report
CBSC21-05.1B MBSHC Report (Annex - Assessment of CB Phase) (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1C BSHC Report
CBSC21-05.1D USCHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1E EAHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1F EAtHC Report (Annex - Assessment of CB Phase) (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1G SEPRHC Report (Annex - Assessment of CB Phase) (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1I MACHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1J SAIHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1K NIOHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1L RSAHC Report (Presentation)
CBSC21-05.1M SWAtHC Report (Annex - Assessment of Capacity Building Proc.11) (Presentation)
Update and closure of the 2022 CBWP 
CBSC21-05.2  Closed 2022 CBWP 
Regional or other projects for CB
CBSC21-06.0 JICA Maritime Cooperation
CBSC21-06.1 JICA Trainning Course
Outcomes of the 6th meeting of the IHO Council and 3rd Session of the Assembly
CBSC21-07A Decisions and Actions from C-6
CBSC21-07B Decisions of the A-3
Operational issues of the CBSC
CBSC21-08.1 C-55 (PT Chair)
CBSC21-08.2 Report of CB E-learning Project Team (PT Chair)  (Annex E-learning Center Guidelines) (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.3 Empower Women in Hydrography Project (Secretary)
CBSC21-08.4 Statistics (Secretary)
CBSC21-08.5 CB Procedures
3-year RHC Work Plans 2022-2024
CBSC21-08.6A MBSHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC21-08.6B EAHC 3-year Work Plan  (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.6C EAtHC 3-year Work Plan (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.6D SEPRHC 3-year Work Plan (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.6E SWPHC 3-year Work Plan (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.6F MACHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC21-08.6G SAIHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC21-08.6H NIOHC 3-year Work Plan  (Presentation)
CBSC21-08.6I RSAHC 3-year Work Plan 
CBSC21-08.6J SWAtHC 3-year Work Plan (Presentation)
CB Management
CBSC21-09.1 Updated 2023 CBWP (Secretary)
CBSC21-09.2 Finance Report (Presentation) (Secretary)
CBSC21-09.3 Draft 2024 CB Management Plan (Secretary)
CBSC21-09.4 Adoption of the 2024 CBWP
Report from CBSC to IRCC15
CBSC Report to IRCC15 (Chair)
List of Actions
CBSC21-13 Draft List of Actions and Decisions from CBSC21 (Secretary)

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