CBSC18 (2020)

18th Capacity Building Sub-Committee Meeting (CBSC18)

Online meeting (2-3 June 2020)

List of Documents

CBSC18 Report           Draft List of Actions and Decisions v2 Photograph
Meeting documents (Template for RHC CB Coordinators / Template for other documents)


Document N. Document Title
CBSC18-01A List of Documents (Secretary) - this document
CBSC18-01B List of Participants (Chair)
CBSC18-01C CBSC Membership (Chair)
CBSC18-01D ToR and RoP (Chair)
CBSC18-01E ToR for the CB Coordinators (Chair)
CBSC18-02 Agenda and Timetable (Chair)
CBSC18-03A Minutes of CBSC17 (Chair)
CBSC18-03B Status of Action List from CBSC17 (Secretary)
CBSC18-04A Report by the Chair (Chair)
CBSC18-04B Report by the IHO Secretariat (Secretary)
CBSC18-05.1A EAHC Report
CBSC18-05.1B EAtHC Report Annex
CBSC18-05.1C MACHC Report
CBSC18-05.1D MBSHC Report Annex
CBSC18-05.1E NIOHC Report
CBSC18-05.1F RSAHC Report
CBSC18-05.1G SAIHC Report
CBSC18-05.1H SEPRHC Report Presentation
CBSC18-05.1I SWAtHC Report
CBSC18-05.1J SWPHC Report Annexes
CBSC18-05.1K USCHC Report
CBSC18-05.2 Closed 2019 CBWP
CBSC18-06A Report on the JICA training course on Hydrography (Japan) Brochure
CBSC18-07A IHO Capacity Building Strategy (Chair)
CBSC18-07A1 Internship report Ms Zhang (Secretary)
CBSC18-07A2 Internship report Ms Hane (Secretary)
CBSC18-07B Decisions and Actions from C-3 (Secretary)
CBSC18-07C List of Proposals to A-2 (Secretary)
CBSC18-07D Establishment of an IHO e-Learning Center (KHOA)
CBSC18-08.2A CB Management System update (ROK-Secretariat) Presentation
CBSC18-08.2B CB Management System Manual (ROK-Secretariat) Presentation
CBSC18-08.3A C-55 Status and Developments (Secretariat)
CBSC18-08.3B Report of C-55RPT (PT Chair)
CBSC18-08.4 Performance Indicators (Chair)
CBSC18-08.6A EAHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6B EAtHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6C MACHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6D MBSHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6E NIOHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6F RSAHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6G SAIHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6H SEPRHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-08.6I SWAtHC 3-year Work Plan Annexes
CBSC18-08.6J SWPHC 3-year Work Plan
CBSC18-09.1 v2 Updated 2020 CBWP (Secretary)
CBSC18-09.1A Request to amend TV to Bolivia on 2020 CBWP (SWAtHC)
CBSC18-09.1B Request to amend TV to Togo on 2020 CBWP (EAtHC)
CBSC18-09.2 v2 Finance Report (Secretary)
CBSC18-09.3 v4 Draft 2021 CB Management Plan (Secretary)
CBSC18-09.4 Adopted 2021 CBWP (Secretary)
CBSC18-11 Spanish support to RHCs (Spain) Presentation
CBSC18-13 v2 Draft list of actions from CBSC18 (Secretary)

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