CBSC 21 - (2023) Intersessional Meeting

13 March 2023
11h00 - 14h30 (CET UTC+1)

List of Documents

Link to join the meeting: will be send by email to the registred participants 

CBSC21Int Draft Report (Word)    Draft List of Actions and Decisions     Photo
Document N. Document Title
CBSC21I-01A List of Documents (Secretary) - this document
CBSC21I-01B List of Participants (Chair)
CBSC21I-01C Draft Agenda and Timetable (Chair)
CBSC21I-02 CBWP2022 Closure and CBWP2023 Update 
CBSC21I-03 CBWP2022 Closure and CBWP2023 Update - contributes from the RHC's
CBSC21I-04 Revision of procedure 11
CBSC21I-05 CB Management System update
CBSC21I-06 IHO E-Learning Center
CBSC21I-07 IHO Empowering Women in Hydrography (EWH) Project
CBSC21I-08 C-55 Project Team
CBSC21I-10 MSDIWG C-17 update

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