4th Meeting of S-130 Project Team 

24 October 2022 /  VTC (13:00 - 15:00), UTC+2/CEST)

14 November 2022 / VTC (13:00 - 15:00, UTC+1/CET)


Last Update: 21 Nov 2022

Post Meeting Documents: [List of Decisions&Actions: .pdf ],  [Group Photo ]
Doc Number
Logistic Information

Logistic Information for VTC Test and Meeting Sessions:

  • Gotomeeting link will be provided by email from 12 November 2022 to Registered Participants only. In the case you registered after the registration period, please send a request to addt@iho.int in order to get the Gotomeeting link
  • Test VTC sessions on request only (email: addt@iho.int)
    Online Registration (2nd session)
    Template ( .ppt ) for the presentation of reports / proposals 
S130PT04 24Oct Meeting Slide
S130PT04-A   List of Documents (this html page)
S130PT04-B 16Nov List of Participants (Session 1)     / List of Participants (Session 2)
S130PT04-2 30Sep Draft Agenda (.doc, / .pdf)
S130PT04-2.1 24Oct Status of Decisions and Actions from S-130PT3
S130PT04-3.1 24Oct Steps in the Development of a Product Specification from S-97
S130PT04-3.2 24Oct Report of the Schema Sub-Group
S130PT04-3.7 14Nov Draft Data Quality Chapeter of S-130PS_Rev1  /  Presentation_Rev1
S130PT04-xx   Date of next meeting
S130PT04-xx   Review action items

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