TSM10 (2024)

  • 10th S-100 Test Strategy Meeting(S100TSM10)

12 - 15 March 2024  / Monaco


Last update: 15 Mar 2024



Post Meeting Documents: [Decisions and Actions_draft 0.2 (.doc)] - [Meeting Photo1/ Photo2]

Doc # Date Title     Remark
    Participants : Invitees only  
1. Opening and Administrative Arrangements  
TSM10-1.1   List of Documents (this page)  
TSM10-1.2 11Mar2024 List of Participants  
2. Approval of Agenda  
TSM10-2.1 01Mar2024 Draft Agenda_v1.4 (.doc / .pdf)  /  Timetable  
TSM10-2.2 11Mar2024 Actions from previous TSM Meeting  
3. Matters Arising  
TSM10-3.1 11Mar2024 Actions from S-100WG8 Meeting  
4. S-100 Proposal   
Draft redline S-100 Part 10c 
TSM10-4.2 26Feb2024 Change Proposal_Part 9 Hatch Fill corrections  
TSM10-4.3 26Feb2024 Change Proposal_ Permit File and Signature corrections  
TSM10-4.4 05Mar2024 Change Proposal_Element changes caused by the update of ISO  
TSM10-4.5 07Mar2024 PRIMAR input to S-100 Part 15  /  Redline Part 15 (.doc)  
TSM10-4.6 11Mar2024 Change Proposal_Corrections to S-100 5.2.0 Part 4a_4c_6_7 and 8  
TSM10-4.7 11Mar2024 Change Proposal_Corrections to S-100 5.2.0 Part 10a and 10b  
TSM10-4.8 14Mar2024 US comments to draft Ed.5.2.0 of S-100 (.doc)  
5. S-164  
TSM10-5.1 13Mar2024

S-164/S-98 discusstion items 

S-164/S-98 Presentation v2

TSM10-5.x   Draft S-164 Ed.1.0.0 – Test Data sets  
6. S-100 Validation  
TSM10-6.1 15Mar2025 S-100 validation progress presentation  
7. S-98  
TSM10-7.1 01Mar2024 S-98 Interoperability Specification_Unresolved comments(.doc)  
TSM10-7.2 01Mar2024 Standardization of the Portrayal of Shared Edges S100WG7-5.2
TSM10-7.3 23Feb2024 Severity of cancellation traceability - Presentation WEDWG14-7.1G
TSM10-7.3a 07Mar2024 Fileless cancellation in S-100  
8. S-100 General Topics  
TSM10-8.1   Conversation about Risk  
TSM10-8.2 01Mar2024 Management of S-100 Catalogues S100WG8-6.19 
TSM10-8.2a 10Mar2024  
TSM10-8.3 01Mar2024 Catalogue and Dataset versioning / Change proposal S100WG8-24
TSM10-8.3a 05Mar2024 Comments Catalogue and Dataset versioning  
TSM10-8.3b 07Mar2024 PRIMAR Catalogue and Dataset Versioning  
TSM10-8.4 14Mar2024 S-124 Implementation   
TSM10-8.5 07Mar2024 S-100 Tools Operation and Update / Presentation  
TSM10-8.6 07Mar2024  
TSM10-8.7 07Mar2024 PRIMAR Input to Catalogue Checking Process  
9. Any Other Business  
TSM10-9.1 13Mar2024
S-101 Annex A_DCEG_Drawing Index (.doc)
S-101 Data Display Algorithm+DrawingIndex_rev2(.doc)
S-101PS Ed.1.2.0+Drawingindex_rev2 (.doc)
10. Review of Meeting Actions  
11. Date and Venue of Next Meeting  
12. Close of Meeting  


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