S-101PT11 (2023)

11th S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart Project Team (S-101PT11)

Lombok, Indonesia
25-29 September 2023

In conjunction with the 8th ENC Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Link (from 26 September 2023)

Post Meeting Documents: [S-101PT11 Minutes] - [Decisions and Actions (at 27 Nov 2023)] - [Meeting Photo]
The previous S-101PT meeting documents are available here

Last Page Update:  27 November 2023.

Doc Number Date Title    
  21 June Introduction Logistics
  22 June Invitation to Participate (S-101PT Letter 05/2023)
S-101PT11-01   List of Documents (this page)
S-101PT11-01A   List of Participants
S-101PT11-02 25 Sep (Rev 4) Agenda (.xls)
S-101PT11-03 19 Sep S-101PT ToRs Review
S-101PT11-04 30 Aug S-101PT10 Report
S-101PT11-05 19 Sep S-101PT Actions (at 19 September 2023) (.xls)
S-101PT11-06.1 24 Sep S-101 DCEG Sub-Group Update
S-101PT11-06.1A 21 Sep      S-101 DCEG Draft Edition  (.doc)  (.pdf (clean))
S-101PT11-06.1B 21 Sep      S-101 DCEG Post-Baseline Change Log (.xls)
S-101PT11-06.1C 21 Sep (Rev1)      S-101 DCEG Edition 1.2.0 Summary of Substantive Changes
S-101PT11-06.1D 21 June      S-57 Removed_Remodelled Items (.xls)
S-101PT11-06.2 15 Sep (Rev 1) S-101 Portrayal Sub-Group Update
S-101PT11-06.3 26 Sep S-101 Validation Sub-Group Update
S-101PT11-06.4 26 Sep S-101 Test Dataset Sub-Group Update
S-101PT11-06.4A 30 Sep Test Data Sets Report_Geomod
S-101PT11-06.5 28 Sep S-101 Scales and Dataset Load/Unload Sub-Group Update
S-101PT11-07   S-101 Ed. 1.2.0 Comment Adjudication
S-101PT11-07A  16 Aug      S-101 Main Draft Edition  (.doc))
S-101PT11-08   S-101 Ed. 1.2.0 Development
S-101PT11-08.1 27 June Proposal - Power-Driven Vessels Prohibited
S-101PT11-08.2 19 Sep (Rev1) Allowable Differences Between S-52 and S-101 Display and Functionality in ECDIS
S-101PT11-08.3 24 July Addressing Gaps in S-101 Identified by the MASS PT
S-101PT11-08.4 07 Sep (Rev1) Use and Modelling of the UpdateInformation Feature     [Presentation]
S-101PT11-08.5 08 Sep Merging of Features Restricted Area Navigational and Regulatory
S-101PT11-08.6 14 Sep Proposal - Cable Submarine
S-101PT11-08.7 15 Sep (Rev 1) Overscale in ECDIS     [Presentation]
S-101PT11-08.8 15 Sep Proposal - Mooring Areas
S-101PT11-08.9 18 Sep Modelling and Quality of Bathymetric Data     [Presentation]
S-101PT11-08.10 19 Sep Options for Modelling Metadata Features
S-101PT11-08.11 26 Sep (Rev 1) Mooring/Warping Facilities in S-101
S-101PT11-08.12   Structures Over Navigable Water
S-101PT11-08.13 19 Sep Submarine Danger Areas
S-101PT11-08.14 25 Sep (Rev1) Support File Management     [Presentation]
S-101PT11-09   Testbed Experiences
S-101PT11-10   S-101 Related Activities
S-101PT11-10.1   IEHG Liaison
S-101PT11-10.2   S-98/S-164 Liaison
S-101PT11-10.4 23 Sep HSSC ISO 9001 Cell Update
S-101PT11-11 20 Sep Delivery of S-101 Edition 2.0.0 
S-101PT11-11.1 19 July S-100 Versioning
S-101PT11-13.1 (Rev1) 27 Oct Paper Charts from ENCs - Canada Experience
S-101PT11-13.1A 27 Oct Sample Chart_Canada Chart 20
S-101PT11-13.2 27 Sep S-100 Validation
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