S-101PT12 (2024)

12th S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart Project Team (S-101PT12)

Online Meeting
13-15 February 2024 (14:00 to 17:00 CET (13 and 15 February)) (UTC+1)
                       (12:00 to 15:00 CET (14 February)) (UTC+1)

07 March 2024 (1300-1700 CET (UTC+1))

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Post Meeting Documents: [S-101PT12 Draft Minutes] - [Draft Decisions and Actions (27 March 2024)] - [Meeting Photo]
The previous S-101PT meeting documents are available here

Last Page Update:  27 March 2024.

Document Numbers shown in bold text will be addressed at the 07 March 2024 session.

Doc Number Date Title    
    Introduction Logistics
  09 Dec Invitation to Participate (S-101PT Letter 06/2023)
S-101PT12-01   List of Documents (this page)
S-101PT12-01A 07 Feb List of Participants



14 Feb (Rev 7)

06 Mar (Rev 2)

Agenda (including Meeting Link)  [13-15 Feb]

Agenda (including Meeting Link)  [07 Mar]

S-101PT12-03   S-101PT11 Report
S-101PT12-04.1   HSSC/S-100WG Actions
S-101PT12-04.2 08 Feb S-101PT Actions (at 08 February 2024) (.xls)
S-101PT12-05.1 11 Feb S-101 DCEG Sub-Group Update
S-101PT12-05.1.1 19 Feb GitHub Open Issues Impacting on the FC
    S-101PT12-05.1A 11 Feb DCEG Draft Edition 1.3.0 [Redline]  [Clean]
    S-101PT12-05.1B 11 Feb DCEG Draft Edition 2.0.0 Change Control Log (.xls)
S-101PT12-05.2 13 Feb S-101 Portrayal Sub-Group Update
S-101PT12-05.3 08 Feb S-101 Test Data Sets Sub-Group Update
S-101PT12-05.4 13 Feb S-101 Validation Checks Sub-Group Update
S-101PT12-05.4A 08 Feb S-101 Annex C Draft Edition 2.0.0 Validation Checks
S-101PT12-05.5 09 Feb S-101 Scales Sub-Group Update
S-101PT12-06.1   Data Quality in S-101
S-101PT12-06.2 17 Jan Quality of Bathymetric Data Temporal Variation     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.3   Catalogue Versioning and Distribution
S-101PT12-06.4 09 Feb Aditional Value of Vertical Datum
S-101PT12-06.4A 12 Feb Additional Value of Vertical Datum_Supporting Figure
S-101PT12-06.5 22 Jan Multiple Languages in S-101
S-101PT12-06.5A 05 Feb      Multiple Languages in S-101 - Canadian Perspective     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.6 19 Jan Use and Modelling of the Update Information Feature     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.7 17 Jan New Symbol for Renewable Energy Devices
S-101PT12-06.8 22 Jan Referencing Other Vertical Datums
S-101PT12-06.9 20 Jan Structures Over Navigable Water
S-101PT12-06.9A 02 Feb (Rev 1)      Structures Over Navigable Water - Data Model
S-101PT12-06.10 18 Jan Association Roles in S-101                                     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.10A 19 Jan      Naming of Roles in S-100/S-101
S-101PT12-06.10B 03 Mar      S-101 Association Roles - Comments
S-101PT12-06.11 15 Feb (Rev 1) Portrayal Rendering Algorithm
S-101PT12-06.12 06 Feb Attribute Formats and Constraints     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.13 17 Jan Quality of Horizontal Measurement
S-101PT12-06.14 17 Jan (Rev 1) Submarine Danger Areas
S-101PT12-06.15 17 Jan Strategy to Align S-44 and S-100 Standards     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.16 08 Feb Identification in S-101 for equivalent S-57 ENCs     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.17 08 Feb Update to Revision Status
S-101PT12-06.18 22 Jan (Rev 1) Attribute Suppression in S-101 Edition 2.0.0
S-101PT12-06.19 30 Jan Attribute Values for dayOfTheWeek
S-101PT12-06.20 30 Jan "File-less" Resource Management for S-101
S-101PT12-06.21 06 Feb Support File Management                                   Presentation
S-101PT12-06.22 06 Feb Precision of Attribute valueOfSounding
S-101PT12-06.23 06 Mar (Rev 2) Optimum Display Scale     Presentation
S-101PT12-06.23A 27 Feb      Optimum Display Scale - Comments Paper
S-101PT12-07.1   Testbed Updates
S-101PT12-07.1A 10 Feb Paper Charts Automatically derived from ENCs - Update
S-101PT12-07.2 20 Jan Tiny to IHO SVG Translator and CSS Inline Styling Removal     Presentation
S-101PT12-08.1 16 Feb (Rev 1) Towards S-101 Edition 2.0.0
S-101PT12-08.1A 06 Mar      S-101 Ed 2.0.0 Delivery Plan (.xls)
S-101PT12-08.2 17 Jan S-101 Ed 2.0.0 Impact Study
S-101PT12-09.1   Any other Business and S-101PT13

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