Nordic HC

Mr Rainer Mustaniemi (Finland)
Vice-Chair:  Mr Jarmo Mäkinen (Finland)
Members Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
IHO Secretariat Representatives: Secretary General Dr. Mathias JONAS
Assistant Director Yong BAEK


Brief history

The Nordic Hydrographic Commission (NHC) was formally established in Stockholm, Sweden on 18 March 1929, at a meeting of the Hydrographers of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The creation of the NHC had already been proposed at a meeting in 1926. The first Chairman of the NHC was Commander Gustaf Reinius (Sweden). Iceland joined the Commission in 1956. The first activities included discussions on the standardization of chart symbols, water level information on charts, copyright of nautical publications, implementation of the recommendations of IHB Conferences, and reducing the costs of the IHB without reducing its efficiency. The main achievements have been changing opinions, providing information, harmonizing Nordic practices with regard to various hydrographic related issues and jointly contributing to the IHO work.


Original: Stockholm, Sweden 18 March 1929.
Amended: (1) Stockholm, Sweden, 16 March 1932; (2) Stockholm, Sweden, 16 March 1937;
(3) Stockholm, Sweden, 11 September 1948; (4) Helsinki, Finland, 04 August 1950; (5) Stavanger, Norway, 29 April 1968; (6) Norrköping, Sweden, 15 June 1979; (7) Reykjavik, Iceland, 18 August 1992
Replaced with “Nordic Cooperation Agreement on Nautical Charting and Hydrographic Surveying”
adopted in Stavanger, Norway, 9 June 1994
Amended: (1) September 2001
Replaced with "Statutes of the Nordic Hydrographic Commission - revised October 2014"
Amended: (1) Arkö, Sweden, 12 April 2018; (2) Aalborg, Denmark  22 March 2023

Meeting Documents

Only documents for upcoming, current and previous years meetings are listed left. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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