US / Canada HC

Mrs. Manon Larocque (Canada)
Vice-Chair:  RDML Benjamin K. Evans (USA)
Members: Canada, USA
IHO Secretary Representatives: Secretary General Dr Mathias Jonas 
Assistant Director Yong BAEK

Brief History

The USCHC was originally established in 1977 with its first full meeting held in April 1978 at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Patricia Bay, Sidney, B.C. Canada. The first Chairman was G.N. Ewing, Dominion Hydrographer of the Canadian Hydrographic Service. The principal U.S. participant was Rear Admiral A. L. Powell, Director, National Ocean Survey. This Commission was preceded by an already existing coordinating group, specifically the Great Lakes Charting Advisors. This group was established in October 1963 primarily as a result of the successful interagency cooperation of the United States Lake Survey and the Canadian Hydrographic Service’s efforts in charting of the boundary waters of the St. Lawrence Seaway. When the Commission was formally founded, an Atlantic Coast Charting Advisors Committee and a Northeast Pacific Charting Advisors Committee was added to address more regional issues in the boundary waters of those areas.

Meeting Documents

Only documents for upcoming, current and previous years meetings are listed left. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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