Chair: Dr Yasuhiko OHARA [IHO] (JHOD, Japan)
Vice-Chair:  First Admiral Dr Najhan Md SAID [IHO] (NHC, Malaysia) 
Secretary: Assistant Director Yves GUILLAM (IHO Secretariat)


The objectives of the Sub-Committee are to;

  • select undersea feature names define when appropriate the extent of named features;
  • provide advice to individuals and appropriate authorities on the selection of undersea feature names in international waters and, on request, in waters under national jurisdiction
  • encourage the establishment of national boards of geographical names and undersea features, and when such a board does not exist for a given coastal state, co-operate in the naming of seafloor features related to those national waters;
  • prepare and maintain international gazetteers and supplements of undersea feature names;
  • encourage the use of undersea feature names shown on GEBCO products, on other maps, charts, scientific publications, and documents by promulgating them widely;
  • prepare and maintain internationally agreed guidelines for the standardization of undersea feature names and encourage their use;
  • review and address the need for revised or additional terms and definitions for submarine topographic features.
  • maintain close liaison with the UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names and international or national authorities concerned with the naming of undersea features.



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Last modified: 13/12/2023 - 09:26