XXXIXth Meeting of the GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC39)
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK, 31 October - 1 November 2022


Note: This event follows the GEBCO Map the Gaps Annual Symposium being held at the same location 26 - 28 October 2022. For more info click here


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Last updated: 17 October 2023

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Document Title


GGC39 Letter Invitation Letter 8 August 2022
GGC39  Logistic Information (same information as the preceeding Map the Gaps Symposium)  
GGC39 Outline Programme   
GGC39 Document Template (Word version)  
GGC39 Presentation Template (PowerPoint version)  
GGC39 List of Participants   
GGC39-1.6a Draft Agenda - Programme  
GGC39-1.6b GGC38 Meeting Report  
GGC39-1.7a GGC38 List of Actions and Decisions   
GGC39-1.8a GEBCO Report to IRCC14 and IOC A-32  
GGC39-1.8b IRCC14 and IOC A-31 Outcomes  
GGC39-2.1 IHO update  
GGC39-2.2a IOC update  
GGC39-2.2b Report of the IOC Regular Working Group on user Requirements and Contributions to GEBCO Products  
GGC39-2.3 Financial Report  
GGC39-2.4 Digital Atlas Manager Report  
GGC39-2.5 DCDB update - Presentation  
GGC39-2.6 SCUFN Report - Presentation  
GGC39-2.7 TSCOM Report - Presentation  
GGC39-2.8 SCRUM Report  
GGC39-2.9 SCOPE Report  
GGC39-2.10 SCET Report - Presentation  
GGC39-2.11 NF Related Programmes Report  
GGC39-3.1.1 Cookbook Editorial Board Report - Paper  
GGC39-3.2 GGC ToRs and RoPs  
GGC39-4.1 GEBCO Governance review update - Paper - Presentation  
GGC39-5.1 GEBCO Strategic Plan - Paper - Strategy - Presentation - Workshop Presentation  
GGC39-6.1 GEBCO Code of Conduct Update - Draft Charter - CCWG ToRs - Paper  
GGC39-7.1 GEBCO 120th Anniverssary Pressence at IHO A3  
GGC39-9.1b Seabed 2030 Year 5 Report and  
GGC39-9.2 Seabed 2030 Year 6 Work Plan and proposed funding bid  
GGC39- SCUFN Work Plan and Budget - Draft - Approved  
GGC39- TSCOM Work Plan and Budget - Draft - Approved  
GGC39- SCRUM Work Plan and Budget - Draft - Approved  
GGC39- SCOPE Work Plan and Budget - Draft - Approved  
GGC39- SCET Work Plan and Budget - Draft - Approved  
GGC39-10.2.1 GGC38 Work Plan and Budget  
GGC39-12.1 Secretary role and responsibilities  
GGC39-13.1 GGC membership list  
GGC39-14.2 Draft agenda GGC40  
GGC39-16 GGC39 draft List of Actions and Decisions  
GGC39 Presentations .zip  

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