Basic Documents

Terms of Reference (EN, FR) - Intersessional Work by Correspondence (December 2022)
Membership List (as of 8 February 2023)



Miscellaneous / Divers

On-line GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names
Edition 4.2.0 of B-6, October 2019 (English/Français)
List of Allowed Geometries

Proposal Form for Undersea Feature Names (in accordance with Ed. 4.2.0 of B-6, October 2019) - Word version: eng / fra  ,  eng / esp 

Since SCUFN30 (Oct. 2017), printed and/or digital versions of proposal forms must be submitted no later than two months prior to a SCUFN Meeting.

GEBCO website (reports and additional information)

Cookbook for Generic Terms of undersea feature names v1.2 October 2022 (pdf)

Repository of Typical Cases v1.0 October 2022 (pdf)


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