SCUFN32 (2019)


32nd SCUFN Meeting
5 - 9 August 2019 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Last Update: 25 August 2020

Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-32 Summary Report, version 11 Nov. 2019] [Decisions and Actions as of August 2020.doc , .pdf ] [Bulletin Report] [Group Photo

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Report of SCUFN-31


14 Jan 2019

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13 Feb 2019

SCUFN Letter 01/2019 - Invitation to SCUFN-32


GEBCO Gazetteer



List of Meeting Documents (this html page)
SCUFN32-01B 14 Aug List of Participants
7 July
Members and Observers of SCUFN
Useful References:

 - Letter IOC/VR/19.267/TK/ic dated 2 July 2019: Appointment of a new member (IOC)



Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for SCUFN
Proposal for Amendment to Art. 2.8 of SCUFN TORs and ROPs ( .doc )
SCUFN32-02.1A 17 July 2019 SCUFN Chair Report (GEBCO Guidance, Last GEBCO Events, etc.)

18 June 2019

Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
SCUFN32-03.1A Rev 2 29 June / 2 Aug 2019 List of Actions from SCUFN-31 and Status ( .doc , .pdf )
SCUFN32-03.2A   Proposal for decision making process - Repository of typical cases
SCUFN32-04.0A 2 Aug Preloading in the Gazetteer of all names from the proposals submitted to SCUFN-32
SCUFN32-04.1A Rev1 19 June Proposal (1) from USA, Rutgers University
SCUFN32-04.2A Rev2 19 June Proposal (1) from UK, Governor of St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha
SCUFN32-04.3A 6 June Proposal (1) from Germany, AWI
SCUFN32-04.4A Rev1 6 June / 31 July Proposals (2 + 16 fast-track) from New Zealand, NZGB
SCUFN32-04.5A 7 June Proposals (2) from Argentina, Servicio de Hidrografía Naval 
SCUFN32-04.6A Rev1 8 June Proposals (11 + 4 fast-track) from Brazil, DHN
SCUFN32-04.7A 6 June Proposals (33 + 4 revised) from Philippines, NAMRIA 
SCUFN32-04.8A Rev1 17 June Proposals (47 + 5 existing for polygons definition) from Japan, JCUFN
SCUFN32-04.9A 7 June Joint Proposals (9) from Japan, JCUFN and USA, ACUF
SCUFN32-04.10A 7 June Proposals (3) from the Republic of Korea, KHOA
SCUFN32-04.11A 7 June Proposals (11) from the Republic of Palau
SCUFN32-04.12A 7 June Proposals (35) from China, CCUFN
SCUFN32-04.13A 17 June Proposals ( 1 re-submission + 1) from Malaysia, NHC
SCUFN32-05.1A 30 July Report on ACUF Activities
SCUFN32-05.2A   Report from the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa
SCUFN32-05.3A 30 July Report on Marine Regions Activities
Annex: Names to be checked ( .xls )
SCUFN32-05.4A 10 July

28 June
Report from UNGEGN

Interesting information: UNGEGN Bulletin N°56
SCUFN32-05.4B -- List of naming authorities
Useful References
- List maintained by the United Nations GEGN
- A selection of websites throughout the world dealing with geographical names
SCUFN32-06.1A 17 June Report and Proposals from the Generic Term Sub Group on definitions of RIDGE, SEAMOUNT, CANYON vs VALLEY providing more geometric criterias (Follow-on SCUFN31/135)
Useful References: historical publications
SCUFN32-06.1B 17 June Report and Proposals from the Generic Term Sub Group on a general strategy and possible guidelines defining the optimal horizontal resolution between UFN (Follow-on SCUFN31/08)
SCUFN32-06.2A 4 July Report on the approval process of Edition 4.2.0 of Publication B-6 "Standardization of Undersea Feature Names"
Useful Reference:  IHO CL 34/2019 dated 3 July
SCUFN32-07.1A 8 June Summary of issues related to the on-line GEBCO Gazetteer ( .doc )
SCUFN32-07.1B 31 July

14 Aug
Report by NOAA/NCEI on maintenance issues

SCUFN32-07.2A   Maintenance of the Gazetteer database
- 10 features/year/Member to upgrade the quality of the geometry of existing major undersea features
SCUFN32-07.2B Rev1 8 June / 2 Aug Updating the Gazetteer from all undersea feature naming decisions and actions taken at SCUFN-31
SCUFN32-07.2C 17 June Proposal to better deal with pending names
SCUFN32-07.2D Rev1 8 July /29 July Monitoring the list of pending names ( .doc )
SCUFN32-07.3A  25 June

14 Aug
Development of the integration of SCUFN Operations Web Services (operated by KHOA) and the GEBCO Gazetteer (operated by NOAA)

SCUFN32-08.1A 10 July

16 Aug
Progress Report of the Undersea Feature Names Project Team

Work Plan UFNPT 2019-20 ( .doc )
SCUFN32-08.2A Rev1 10 July / 16 Aug

16 Aug
Undersea Feature  Discovery Project

SCUFN32-09.1A 30 July Letter from M. Christian Smoot dated 22 June 2019
SCUFN32-09.3A 14 Aug Romanization of Japanese Names (use of hyphen, segmentation)
SCUFN32-10.1A 14 Aug Draft SCUFN Programme of Work 2020-21 to be submitted to the GEBCO Guiding Committee ( .doc )
SCUFN32-10.2A 5 Aug Update on the Seabed 2030 Project
    SCUFN UFN Project Team (UFN PT)
  -- IHO CL 30/2017 - Composition of the UFN PT
  -- UFN PT Membership , TORs

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