SCUFN35 (2022)

35th SCUFN Meeting(s) - Part 1 and Part 2

SCUFN-35.1 - SCUFN-35 Part 1, 14 - 18 March 2022,  hybrid event - UNESCO IOC, Paris, France

SCUFN-35.2 - SCUFN-35 Part 2,  28 November - 2 December 2022, face-to-face priority event  - IHO Secretariat, Monaco 

Last Update: 24 September 2022





Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-35 Summary Report dated xx January 2023:  .doc ; .pdf ] [List of Decisions and Actions from SCUFN35.1, version 1.0 dated 29 March: .doc , .pdf ] [Bulletin Report] [Group Photos 1 and 2 ]

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List of Meeting Documents (this html page)

Members and Observers of SCUFN



Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for SCUFN
SCUFN35.1-03.1A 10 March List of Actions from SCUFN33 and Status ( .doc  )
SCUFN35.1-03.1B 10 March List of Actions from SCUFN34 VTC01 and Status ( .doc )
SCUFN35.1-03.1C 10 March List of Actions from SCUFN34 VTC02 and Status ( .doc )
SCUFN35.1-03.1D 10 March List of Actions from SCUFN34 VTC03 and Status ( .doc )
SCUFN-35.2 - 28 November - 2 December 2022 
    Registration in SCUFN35.2
  9 Aug SCUFN Letter 02/2022 - Invitation to SCUFN35.2
SCUFN35.2-01B 12 Sep List of Participants
SCUFN35.2-02.2A Rev1 24 Sep Agenda and Timetable ( .doc ; .pdf )
SCUFN35.2-03.1A 7 September Lisf of Decisions and Actions from SCUFN35.1 and Status ( .doc , .pdf )
SCUFN-35.1 - 14 - 18 March 2022, hybrid, UNESCO, IOC Secretariat, Paris, France
  13 Jan 2022 Registration in SCUFN-35.1
  20 Dec 2021 SCUFN Letter 03/2021 - Announcement of SCUFN-35.1
  9 March 2022 IOC Information and Guidelines ver. 04
  17 Feb

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Mar 15, 16 and 17, 2022

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SCUFN35.1-01B 11 March 2022 List of Participants
SCUFN35.1-02.2A Rev2 10 March 2022 Agenda and Timetable ( .doc ; .pdf )
SCUFN35.1-03.2A 11/ 18 March

Presentation - Update on the Status of the Cook Book – Repository of Typical Cases and its Annex – “Cookbook for Generic Terms of undersea feature”

Useful Reference: Cookbook for Generic Terms of undersea feature, version 1.1, May 2021 ( .doc )




16 March

Discussion on Working Paper by SCUFN Secretary – “Towards a Decision Tree” and Review of SCUFN Members’ comments and opinions. Way forward

Main outcome of SCUFN35.1 Session 1 - way forward

SCUFN35.1-03.3A   Report and Recommendations of the SCUFN Sub Group on Generic Terms
SCUFN35.1-03.4A 10 March Report and Recommendations of the Vice-Chair on Minor Features (Follow-up SCUFN34/VTC03/13)
SCUFN35.1-03.5A 11 March Report and Recommendations of the Vice-Chair on Names of Living Persons (Follow-up SCUFN34/VTC03/41)
SCUFN35.1-03.5B 16 March Comments from SCUFN Member Palmer, ACUF Executive Secretary on Doc. SCUFN35.1-03.5A
SCUFN35.1-03.6A 19 March Draft Proposal ( .doc ) for features named in scientific publications that do not align with current definitions of generic feature terms, do not conform to current principles for specific names, or have antecedent specific names that remain in common use in the scientific literature
SCUFN35.1-04.1A 10 Nov 2021 Proposals (10) from Indonesia, Pushidrosal
SCUFN35.1-04.2A 13 Jan 2022 Revised Proposals (88) from USA, Caladan Oceanic
SCUFN35.1-04.3A 13 Jan 2022 Revised Proposals (12) from Philippines, NAMRIA
SCUFN35.1-04.4A   Proposals (15) from Germany, AWI
SCUFN35.1-04.4B 4 March 2022 Email from AWI dated 3 March 2022
SCUFN35.1-04.5A  24 Feb Proposal (1) from Republic of Korea, KHOA (proposal withdrawn by proposer)
SCUFN35.1-04.6A    Proposals (11) from China, CCUFN
SCUFN35.1-04.6B  15 March Letter from the China Committee on Undersea Feature Names (CCUFN)
SCUFN35.1-04.7A 25 Feb

Proposals (9) from New Zealand, NZGB

Useful References: Doc. SCUFN34-03.3A and map of Ruatōria Scarp.

SCUFN35.1-04.8A   Proposals (67) from Viet Nam, Viet Nam Hydrographic Office
SCUFN35.1-04.9A    Proposals (11) from Malaysia, NHC
SCUFN35.1-04.10A   Proposals (14) from Japan, JCUFN
SCUFN35.1-04.11A   Proposals (23) from China, CCUFN
SCUFN35.1-04.12A   Proposals (9) from Philippines, NAMRIA
SCUFN35.1-04.12B 10 March Position of the Philippines Government on the request to conduct "mutual consultation"

Proposals (7) from New Zealand, NZGB

SCUFN35.1-04.14A   Proposals (4) from Brazil, DHN
SCUFN35.1-04.15A   Proposals (60) from China, CCUFN
SCUFN35.1-04.16A   Proposals for Soga vs Saga Guyot, Alba vs Albo Guyot, and Del Cano Guyot
SCUFN35.1-04.17A 10 March

Proposal from Philippines, NAMRIA - Follow-up SCUFN34/VTC03/33 on Apolaki Caldera
Analysis and Recommendation

SCUFN35.1-05.1A 4 March Report of ACUF Activities
SCUFN35.1-05.2A   Report of the NZGB Undersea Names Committee
SCUFN35.1-05.3A 10 March Activities of Marine Regions of interest to SCUFN - Presentation
SCUFN35.1-05.4A 9 March Report from UNGEGN
SCUFN35.1-05.4B -- List of Naming Authorities
SCUFN35.1-07.1A 1 March Report by NOAA/NCEI on maintenance of the GEBCO Gazetteer (NOAA) - Presentation -
 and interoperability with SCUFN Operational Webservices (NOAA Rep./KHOA Rep./Secretariat) - Presentation
SCUFN35.1-07.1B 17 March Interoperability with SCUFN Operational Webservices (NOAA Rep - KHOA) - Presentation
SCUFN35.1-07.2A Rev1 17 March Report by KHOA Rev1 on the development of the
IHO SCUFN Archive/Repository/Submission. Work Plan

(KHOA/Secretariat) - Presentation Rev1
SCUFN35.1-10.1A   Draft SCUFN Programme of Work 2022-23 to be submitted to GEBCO Guiding Committee 
SCUFN35.1-10.2A 18 March Update on the Seabed 2030 Project 

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