SCUFN33 (2020)

33rd SCUFN Meeting
(9 - 10 November 2020, VTC event)

Last Update: 2 April 2021





Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-33 Report dated 3 January 2021] [Decisions and Actions as of 31 March 2021.doc , .pdf ] [Bulletin Report] [Group Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

Document No

Posted Date

Document Title



Report of SCUFN-32



Logistics Information
and On-line Registration


30 September 

SCUFN Letter 01/2020 - Invitation to SCUFN-33


GEBCO Gazetteer



List of Meeting Documents (this html page)
SCUFN33-01B 7 Nov List of Participants

Members and Observers of SCUFN



Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for SCUFN
SCUFN33-02.1A 11 September SCUFN Chair Report (GEBCO Guidance, Last GEBCO Events, etc.)

17 September

Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
SCUFN33-03.1A 25 Aug List of Actions from SCUFN-32 and Status ( .doc , .pdf )


25 Aug

Proposal for decision making process - Repository of typical cases

Draft version of "Cookbook for Generic Terms of undersea feature names", version June 2020 ( .doc )

SCUFN33-04.0A 20 Oct Preloading in the Gazetteer of all names from the proposals submitted to SCUFN-33
SCUFN33-04.0B 26 Oct Some instructions for the pre-review of proposals by SCUFN Members... 
SCUFN33-04.1A 17 Sept 2019 Proposals (6) from Australia, Australian Antarctic Division
SCUFN33-04.2A 9 October 2019 Proposals (12) from UK, Newcastle University

14 Jan 2020

31 Oct 2020

Proposal (1) from Russian Federation, Gliere Memorial Museum

Letter of support by Museum of World Ocean, Kaliningrad

SCUFN33-04.4A 15 May 2020 Proposal (1) from Germany, University of Bremen
SCUFN33-04.5A 26 June 2020 Proposals (15) from Germany, AWI
SCUFN33-05.1A 30 Oct Report on ACUF Activities
SCUFN33-05.2A   Report from the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa
SCUFN33-05.3A 12 Oct Report on Marine Regions Activities
SCUFN33-05.3B 12 Oct Update from NZGB on Marine Regions Report
SCUFN33-05.4A 30 Sep / 30 Oct Report from UNGEGN
Interesting information: UNGEGN Bulletin N°58
SCUFN33-05.4B -- List of naming authorities
Useful References
- List maintained by the United Nations GEGN
- A selection of websites throughout the world dealing with geographical names
SCUFN33-06.1A   Report and Proposals from the Generic Term Sub Group on definitions of RIDGE, SEAMOUNT, CANYON vs VALLEY providing more geometric criterias (Follow-on SCUFN31/135)
Useful References: historical publications
SCUFN33-06.1B 27 Oct Report and Proposals from the Generic Term Sub Group on a general strategy and possible guidelines defining the optimal horizontal resolution between UFN - Follow-up SCUFN32/184
SCUFN33-06.2A -- Report on the approval process of Edition 4.2.0 of Publication B-6 "Standardization of Undersea Feature Names"
Useful Reference:  IHO CL 51/2019 dated 3 October
SCUFN33-07.1A 25 Aug Wish-List of Enhancements to the On-line Interface of the GEBCO Gazetteer
SCUFN33-07.1B 30 Oct / 10 Nov Report by NOAA/NCEI on Improvements Made to the GEBCO Gazetteer
SCUFN33-07.2A   Maintenance of the Gazetteer database
- 10 features/year/Member to upgrade the quality of the geometry of existing major undersea features
SCUFN33-07.2B Rev1 30 Sep Updating the Gazetteer from all undersea feature naming decisions and actions taken at SCUFN-32
SCUFN33-07.2D Rev1 25 Sep Monitoring the list of pending names ( .doc , .pdf )
SCUFN33-07.3A Rev1 31 Oct / 7 Nov 2020 Development on connecting SCUFN Operations Web Services with GEBCO Gazetteer
SCUFN33-07.3B 3 Nov Development of the integration of SCUFN Operational Services (operated by KHOA) and the GEBCO Gazetteer (operated by NOAA)
SCUFN33-08.1A 7 Nov Progress Report of the Undersea Feature Names Project Team
Work Plan UFNPT 2019-20 ( .doc )
SCUFN33-08.2A 7 Nov Undersea Feature Detection Project (UFDP) 
SCUFN33-10.1A   Draft SCUFN Programme of Work 2020-21 to be submitted to the GEBCO Guiding Committee ( .doc )
SCUFN33-10.2A   Update on the Seabed 2030 Project
SCUFN33-11A 27 Oct SCUFN Business Continuity after SCUFN-33 and Preparation of SCUFN-34
    SCUFN UFN Project Team (UFN PT)
  -- IHO CL 30/2017 - Composition of the UFN PT
  -- UFN PT Membership , TORs

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