EAtHC18 (2024)


18th Conference - 18ème Conférence
1 to 3 May 2024 / 1 au 3 mai 2024 - Casablanca, Morocco / Maroc

Regional Awareness Seminar
20 Years of Capacity Building Actions in EAtHC, Assessment and Prospect -  
20 ans d’actions de renforcement des capacités au sein de la CHAtO, Bilan et Perspectives
29 to 30 April 2024 / 29 au 30 avril 2024 


Last Update:  27 September 2023

Post meeting documents: 
[Final Report: .doc ; .pdf ] - [Report of the Regional Awareness Seminar: Title - eng ; fra ]
[Actions, Decisions, Recommendations, version xx June 2024:  .xls ]
[Group Photo] - [IHO Secretariat's Bulletin Report]

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    EAtHC CL xx/2023 - 18th Conference of the EAtHC - Logistic Information

EAtHC-18 online registration

18th EAtHC Conference - 18ème Conférence CHAtO (xx - xx May 2024)
    List of Documents (this page)


List of Participants ( .xls )
    National Reports Templates: Structure ( .doc ) and Presentation ( .ppt )

Agenda  ( .doc ; .pdf )


EAtHC18-01.1B   Timetable ( .doc ; .pdf )
EAtHC18-01.2A   Matters Arising from Minutes of EAtHC17
EAtHC18-01.3A   Review of 17th EAtHC Actions List ( .doc )
EAtHC18-02.1A   IHO Secretariat Report - Presentation
EAtHC18-02.2A   IRCC15 Report
EAtHC18-02.3A    HSSC15 Report
EAtHC18-03.1A   ICCWG Report
EAtHC18-03.2A   Report on GDMSS, MSI and NAVAREA Coordination
EAtHC18-03.3A   Capacity Building
EAtHC18-03.4A   MSDI WG, CSB and Seabed 2030 
EAtHC18-03.5A   Disaster Response & P-5 update

Bilateral and Regional Cooperation Agreements (inc. Capacity Building and PCA Role)

Useful References:



- African Maritime Safety and Seccurity Agency

EAtHC18-03.7A   IENWG 
EAtHC18-04.1A   WENDWG Report

S-100 Transition Roadmap - Presentation

Useful Reference:

S-100 Implementation Strategy


IHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026 - Presentation

Useful Reference:

IHO Strategic Plan

National Reports
    Template for National Reports ( .ppt )
EAtHC18-06.1A   Cameroon
EAtHC18-06.2A   Democratic Republic of Congo
EAtHC18-06.3A   France - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.4A   Ghana - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.5A   Morocco - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.6A   Nigeria - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.7A   Portugal - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.8A   Spain - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.9A   Cabo Verde - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.10A   United Kingdom - Presentation 
EAtHC18-06.11A   Côte d'Ivoire - Presentation 
EAtHC18-06.12A   Guinea - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.13A   Congo - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.14A   Senegal - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.15A   Gambia - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.16A   Togo - Presentation
EAtHC18-06.17A   Guinée-Bissau - Presentation
EAtHC18-07.1A   IMO Report
EAtHC18-07.2A 28 Sep IALA Report
EAtHC18-07.3A   UNESCO/IOC’s Sub Commission for Africa & the adjacent Island States
EAtHC18-07.4A   MOWCA Report
EAtHC18-07.5A   PMAWCA Report
EAtHC18-08.1A   IC-ENC
EAtHC18-08.2A 28 Sep PRIMAR
EAtHC18-08.3A   KONGSBERG Maritime
EAtHC18-08.4A   Teledyne Caris
EAtHC18-08.5A 29 Sep SevenCs
EAtHC18-08.6A   EOMAP
EAtHC18-08.7A   iXBlue
EAtHC18-08.8A   QPS
EAtHC18-08.9A   ESRI
EAtHC18-09.1A   Assembly and IHO Council
EAtHC18-09.2A   Any Other Business
Regional Awareness Seminar (xx - xx May 2024)
    List of Documents (this page)
    List of Participants

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